Ask Questions On Hair Transplant And Hair Transplant Methods


Ask Questions On Hair Transplant And Hair Transplant Methods

Dr. Vivek Galani
( Hair Transplant Surgeon, Turkey )

Frequently asked questions on hair transplantation and hair transplantation methods

1. How long does the process take?

Depending on the size of the area to be transplanted, skin and hair character, the technique to be practiced, it is a process taking approximately up to 6 hours.

2. Do I feel any pain or aching?

hair transplantation operation is an operation carried out under local anesthesia which does not cause any pain and aching.

3. Which technique do you suggest?

The technique to be practiced is not determined by us but rather by the characteristics of your skin and hair and it is very important to operate the correct technique. During the pre-meeting, the technique to be operated and the reasons underlying this preference are discussed in detail and are thus decided.

4. Do the transplanted hairs absolutely appear?

Yes, they do. preparation of grafts ( hair Roots) the keeping conditions and the operation of the correct technique are the factors determining the result, if they are achieved the result is 100% success.

5. When can I go out?

There is not a circumstance preventing you from going out after the operation. In the first couple of days, there are tiny pink spots seen. These gradually fade away and become normal in a week. Later on, it does not constitute a situation preventing you from going out.

6. When can I have a bath and what are the things with which I should be careful?

This information will be told during the pre-meeting so that you will have not even a tiny little question mark on your head.

7. When do the transplanted hairs appear?

They emerge as tiny particles 3 months after the operation date; they reach the normal length in approximately 6 months.

8. Would it be apparent that I had hair transplantation?

The transplanted hairs operated in a natural way and the appropriate method do not absolutely seem apparent.

9. How much does it cost?

To inform you of any cost, characteristics of your skin, of your hair and the operational are need to be assessed. For these, you can get an appointment for a pre-meeting and thus get more solid information from our expert.

10. Who are the persons that would perform the process and what are their experiences?

Hair transplantation is carried out under the supervision of plastic surgeons by hair transplantation experts who obtained experience for years.

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