Eyebrow hair transplant and Beard hair transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant and Beard hair transplant in surat

What is Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

The outer appearance of a person’s face is measured by considering many factors like eyes, nose, lips, eyebrows, beard etc. Faces of people who have less hair or no hair at all in their eyebrows look incomplete. Eyebrows make a noticeable difference in a person's face. People use cosmetic products to make their eyebrows look perfect as a temporary solution. Eyebrows are also important as it prevents the sweat drops from entering into eyes directly. Eyebrow hair transplant in Surat is now possible. Hair Fall Specialist Doctor in Surat is also proving services of full hair loss treatment.

Eyebrow hair loss is caused due to many reasons such as some illness, medications, injuries, overdose of vitamins etc. For those having less or no hair in their eyebrows there's a permanent solution available and that is eyebrows hair transplant. Now of course the question arises in your mind of what eyebrow transplant is, so here is the answer: it is a cosmetic type of surgery in which the surgeon takes a graft and implants it to the eyebrow area. Usually such grafts are taken from the back of the neck or near the ear area because the hair around that area is quite suitable for transplantation in the eyebrow area.

Why should you consider Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Surat?

People facing eyebrow hair loss problems or having less or no hair by birth can change their appearance by opting for eyebrow transplant. This problem is a concern of both males and females. The Eyebrow Hair Transplant clinic in Surat is now very successful and also gives satisfying results.

This eyebrow transplant treatment is performed under local anesthesia so the patient will not feel any pain during the surgery. The surgeon takes follicles of hair from a donor area and then stores them in a container which is filled with saline solution for about an hour before implanting it in the eyebrows.

There is a best Eyebrow Hair Transplant Clinic In Surat Dr.Galani’s RQC who performs the eyebrow transplant surgery with the help of best technologies and skills. This surgery is safe and successful with no pain and it has long lasting results.

Eyebrow Transplant Cost in Surat:

Eyebrow Transplant Cost in Surat differs from person to person as per the volume of hair to be transplanted. This surgery is done at very budget-friendly rates in Surat. There's no specific rate of such surgery as it depends on the requirements of each patient.

What is Beard Hair Transplant?

Many males dream of having a perfect beard but are not able to have it due to lack of hair growth or there may be genetic issues that make it impossible for them to grow a beard naturally. Hair can be transplanted in the beard area just like it can be transplanted to cover hairline receding, in the bald area, in the eyebrow area. The doctor would first diagnose the type of skin of the patient and the pattern of his hair growth to decide if this implantation is suitable to the patient or not. Beard Hair Transplant in Surat is possible now. Best Doctor for Hair Treatment is now available in Surat.

In the beard hair transplant surgery the surgeon takes the hair from one part of the body of the patient and transplants the same to the beard area and jawline of the face as per the wish and requirement of the patient.

There are mainly two methods used for such transplantation :

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Why Should You Consider a Beard Hair Transplant In Surat?

Beard hair transplant in Surat was a new concept for the people a few years before but now it is the trend of the modern society to have perfect looks and to improve their looks males do not have to go to other places to get their beard transplant surgery done.

The Beard Hair Transplant Clinic In Surat is performing at the best of their abilities with the goal of providing the most satisfying results to the men who dream of having a proper beard. It takes normally 3 to 4 months to know whether the surgery is successful and most of the time it depends on the expertise of the surgeon performing the procedure. Dr.Galani’s RQC is the best Beard Hair Transplant Clinic In Surat with the experienced and knowledgeable staff, latest technologies, and accurate consultation sessions.

Beard Transplant Cost in Surat:

Beard Transplant cost in Surat is not fixed as it is not certain what would be the need of the patient. It largely depends on the amount of hair to be implanted. If the patient needs only those areas on which hair doesn't grow then the cost would be less as compared to the full facial hair transplantation.

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