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Does Hair Transplant Cause Brain Damage

Dr. Vivek Galani
( Hair Transplant Surgeon, Turkey )

Brain Damage in Hair Transplant? | Dr. Galani's RQC Hair Transplant & Skin Clinic in Surat, Gujarat.

  •  There are so many patients who have this very common question before they are trying to do hair transplant surgery so the question is 
  •  Is my brain safe during hair transplant procedures? Is there any risk to my brain during hair transplant surgery? And their relatives and their parents are also concerned that during hair transplant surgery there is a prominent risk to the brain you should not go for it there is a very high chance that your brain will be damaged, so today we will be discussing this point and keep watching.
  • There are many people asking me same questions.
    • Is there any effect on the brain of hair transplant?
    • Does Hair Transplant Cause Brain Damage?
    • Is my brain safe during hair transplant procedures?
    • Is there any risk to my brain during hair transplant surgery? 

  • Hi this is Dr. Vivek Galani founder and chief hair transplant surgeon at RQC hair transplant center Surat (India).
  • So as I said so many patients their parents their relatives are concerned when you go for a hair transplant there is a risk to your brain will gate damage so is it true let’s find out?
  • In your screen I’ll be showing you one picture, in that picture as you can see there is hair and there is also brain, so let’ see where is hair transplant going to be perform and where is your brain located, so in this picture in very superficial part there is your there are your hairs this are your hairs so where are they gating, the end of your hair is hear in the dermis in the sub cutis tissue, so this is approximately point 5 to 1 cm of the part in which your hair are located so after there, there is one more layer after there, there is another one layer and this is your scalp, so then the important part of your brain is beginning so, after scalp there are some layers there are other  layers and then the main important part our brain is going to be here, so as you can see in this picture your hair are quite superficial, so I can say hair transplant procedure is very superficial procedure, your hair are very superficial it is almost pinot 5 to 1 cm in your skin so hair transplant is very superficial and your brain is located very down in your scale and which is located very safely and very protective meaner, so definitely  your brain is safe during your hair transplant procedure ,so if you are wondering if you have doubt that my brain is it risk or your parents are concern, so it is not true your brain is completely safe you can go for hair transplant surgery any time.


  • I hope I have slowed your quivery successfully but still, you have more questions regarding this point or any other point please put down the comments in the comment box and I will try to give you an answer as soon as possible. also, you can call our helpline number you can talk with our hair expert, who will be happy to explain to you in detail about your concern till next video take care thank you bye-bye.     

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