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Can I Cut My Hair After Hair Transplant

Dr. Vivek Galani
( Hair Transplant Surgeon, Turkey )

Can i Cut My Hair After Hair Transplant

  • Hi today will be talking about hair transplants. so many patients usually ask us when they come for the first consultation can cut my hair after hair transplant  And if I cut my hair will it grow again? So this is a very important question very important topic so today we will be discussing this thing.

  • Hi this is Dr. Vivek Galani founder and chief hair transplant surgeon at RQC hair transplant clinic Surat (India).

can I cut my hair after a hair transplant and will it grow again if I cut my hair?

  • So as our topic says can I cut my hair after a hair transplant and will it grow again if I cut my hair? So definitely yes, your hair will grow after a hair transplant you can cut it after the hair transplant, and also it will grow again and again. Why this will happen because hair transplant is a combination of nature and science.

 Why it is natural hair?

  • because we are taking your natural hair from your donor area and we are implanting in your bald area, so that’s why it is natural and because of science we are able to take your hair follicles with the root and we are able to implant it in your skin approximately point 4 to 5 millimeter deep in your skin, so when you go for a hair cut or style, maximum what will happen they will use lazar and they will use it on your skin where is our hair root is below your skin so, they will cut from above the skin they will trim from above the skin so the root that we implanted is completely safe beneath your skin, that’s why your hair will keep growing and growing again and if you don’t cut it will achieve the Seatrain length as your pre-exacting hairs are growing. See we have treated so many female patients.

  • our old patient who has been treated for 1 to 2 years they have very quite lengthy hairs, so the length of your hair will depend on yourself on your pre-exacting hair they will archive that length and then you cut it will grow again, so yes it is possible after hair transplant so you can do your hair cuts you can do colors you can do styles hairstyle whatever you want but, before doing this you have to ask your hair transplant surgeon you have to take their opinion because they will guide you properly they will let you know how you have to how you should do it, so you have to ask them ones and take them opinion also. so normally what happened after your hair transplant in the initially 2 months first 2 months there is shedding face, so your hair is going to fall by itself so at that time we don’t have to cut anything but after that, the growth face will start so within 6 to 8 months of your hair transplant you will have some short hair some long hair so you can go for the setting you can go to the saloon and do the set you can set your hair but do not shave completely or 0 trim because the result of hair transplant it takes one year to show it complete result so for in the initially 6 to 8 months you can just do the setting and after 1 year when we have the complete result you can go for whatever hairstyle you want if you want to do 0 shave number 1 shave that you can do one trim and but as I said always ask your hair transplant surgeon, consultant about their opinion and follow them do what they suggest.


  • So I hope I have cleared your doubts regarding these questions and still if you have any other questions regarding this topic or any others questions regarding hair transplant feel free to write a comment in our comment box or you can call on our helpline number to talk to with our hair expert they will give you in details about your query and any other details you want, so till next video by taking care thank you

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