Hair Transplant Cost Calculator


Requirement of grafts

  1. Grade 1 – generally HT is not required – 1000 grafts
  2. Grade 2 – 1500 – 2000 grafts depending on your desired hairline
  3. Grade 3 – 2000 – 3000 grafts depending on the level of your desired hairline. Low hairlines will consume more grafts.
  4. Grade 4 – 3000 – 4000 grafts
  5. Grade 5 – 4000 – 5000 grafts
  6. Grade 6 and 7  – 5000 – 8000 grafts

Generally, up to 3500 – 4000 grafts can be done in the first sitting depending on the density of your donor area. The rest of the grafts can be planned after 9 months of the first sitting. If the patient is ready for FUT combination with FUE or MAGP, in the first sitting 4500 – 5000 grafts can be done in most patients.

Requirement of grafts

The requirement of grafts depends on three main factors

  1. Area to be covered – The more is an area more will be a requirement
  2. Density to be given – Generally, good density is given in the Front hairline. Mid areas can have moderate density and less cosmetically important areas like crown areas can have mild density to produce blackness
  3. Donor site – If body hair is used, Requirements will be double.
  4. Location of the area – Hairline areas are constructed with density 50 – 55 grafts per sq cm so they consume a high number of grafts

Generally in the first stage, we can do 3000 – 4000 grafts by FUE or MAGP, or FUT. In case some patient is ready for a combination of FUT with other techniques then we can do up to 5000 grafts in the first stage.

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