How Long Does The Hair Transplant Take


How Long Does The Hair Transplant Take?

Dr.Vivek Galani
( Hair Transplant Surgeon, Turkey )

How long does the hair transplant take?

First of all, the causes of hair loss are analyzed in detail. There are also other factors such as the frontal hairline, hair structure, and condition of the hair follicles. All these factors are important in the process. Finally, an estimated time comes up considering the size of the area to be transplanted and the number of grafts to be extracted (the number of hair follicles). 

If the balding area is not too large, the process may finish in only 1 session. on the other hand, if the baldness is advanced and the donor area is not very efficient, the number of sessions may go up to 3.

How many hours does a single session correspond to?

One session in the hair transplant takes around 6 to 9 hours. If it is a one-session hair procedure, the transplant process ends within a maximum of 9 hours. But if the number of sessions is more than one the total time will, of course, extend accordingly.

On the other hand, the mentioned periods are more valid for the FUE  technique. This is also a quite popular and detailed hair planting method. With the FUE technique, it is possible to transplant around 3000-4000 hair follicles in a single session.

Does it fall out?

One of the most curious issues between people who intend to have hair transplantation is whether hair will fall again after a certain period of time. Specialists express very clearly; new hair transplants do not fall out. The only exception here is the temporary and one-time shock loss. 

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