Know Your Age Limit For Hair Transplant


Know Your Age Limit For Hair Transplant

Dr.Vivek Galani
(Hair Transplant surgeon, Turkey)

Is there an age limit for a hair transpalant?

No, there is no age limit for hair transplant, but it is better to wait till the late 30s or early 40s at least.

Do i need a second hair transplant, if yes, when?

Yes, it depends on your baldness extensiveness. After your first hair transplant, it is recommended to use medications and preventive treatment. But in some cases, if you are very bald, you may not be satisfied after the first hair transplant and you want another hair transplant. If you have a good donor area (good hair reserve in the back of the scalp) it can be done the next day, but our experts recommend waiting until 5-6 months for the next session

When can i see the final and full results of my hait transplant?

Your transplant hair will fall 2-3 weeks after hair restoration surgery and will grow back 3-4 weeks later. 2-3 months after your hair transplant new hair follicles start to grow and seeing the final results may take a year. So, losing transplanted hair after the surgery is normal, they will grow back.

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