Natural looking hair transplantation result1


Natural looking hair transplantation result

Dr.Vivek Galani
(Hair Transplant Surgeon, Turkey)

Natural looking hair transplantation result

Natural hair transplant results are every hair loss patient's wish. In the past, about 15-20 years ago hair transplant technologies were not as advanced as today. The industry today is much more advanced thanks to cutting-edge equipment.

the past saw not natural-looking hair transplant results, that look like the grass doll or as some specialists call it the barbie doll look because the transplanted hairs resembled the 90-degree angled hair strands of dolls.

The results of hair transplants are the key to a patient's satisfaction with the procedure. The procedure itself - the surgery - can be comfortable, but the patient needs to be happy with the result. most patients have an idea about what they want in their hair design. It is best to mention this to the surgeon. One can describe how their old hairline was, and show pictures of the scalp before balding started, and also can show the pictures of desired looks ( for example of celebrities) to the surgeon. And yet, the desired look may not always be the most suitable or available one for the patient.

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