One Rule Of Successful Hair Transplant Thousand Results It Can Go Wrong


One Rule Of Successful Hair Transplant & Thousand Results It Can Go Wrong

Dr. Vivek Galani
( Hair Transplant Surgeon, Turkey )

One Rule of successful Hair Transplant & Thousand results it can go wrong.

  • There is only one rule of successful hair transplant and there are a thousand reasons it can go wrong each hair transplanted hair can grow successfully if it is transplanted with science and there is only one rule which can make your hair transplant successful and there are a thousand reasons which can also lead to its failure to let's know.

What Are Those Reasons & Rules

  • Hi, this is Dr. Vivek Galani founder and chief hair transplant surgeon at RQC hair transplant clinic surat  (India).
  • So let’s start our video let’s start with the reasons which can lead to other failures of our hair transplant, so there are 2 main reasons.

There Are 2 Main Reasons

1. OT setup Operation Theatre

  •  OT setup Operation theatre setup should be poor OT set up, so what should be how should be the operation theatre which makes it the best one the good one.

  • So the number 1 rule of operation theatre is the sterility protocols one must follow the sterility protocols with the standard guidelines.

2. Instrumentation 

  •  instrumentation which is going to be used this instrument should be also sterilized and the maximum number of the instrument should be the disposable ones, so use and throw and also the magnification, see the hair follicle structure is a very small thing, very small structure. You cannot see properly with the necked eye you have to use the magnification tools to handle it properly.

  • So with the use of magnification lances Microscopes, we can main handle the hair follicle very nicely and very well.

 Hair Transplant Procedure

  • And the fourth thing is the chair in which you are going to sleep and we are going to perform the hair transplant surgery see the procedure is a quite long 8 to 10 it takes about  8 to 10 hours so you should be comfortable first then the dr and his team will be comfortable .so it is also the important thing and second important thing is the hair transplant surgeon who is going to perform your hair transplant procedure.
  • So he should be skilled why because you know the graft the hair follicle unit is very delicate in nature so you have to handle it very properly see there is a high transaction rate if we are using the instruments which are not good in quality the transaction rate that means when we are doing to extraction the hair should come out with its root so if with you know the poor technologies what happens the hair gets cut in between so roots tills behind in your skin and the upper part of the hair comes out.

Implanting that Hair Follicle 

  • So, If you implant that hair it wants to grow so the transaction rate is also important second thing is implantation methods how after getting out after doing extraction how are you implanting that hair follicle so what we are doing currently is the no root touch technique in which what happens the root of your hair follicle we do not touch it during the entire procedure.
  • So it is completely safe this technique is known as the no root technique. 3rd thing that is the time once we do the extraction and then we do the implantation this is the in-between time this should very very less as much as possible so for this we use the FIFO concept that is first in first out concept that means the first hair that we extractor that will go first inside that will be implanted first so that we can minimize the duration of hair outside of your body and also the temperature the graft holding temperature should be also very well maintained.

A thousand Results in It Can Go Wrong.

  • So these are the reasons and also the post-operative care should be following the nice Guidelines good guidelines so that is also the important point so all of this point all of this reasons they affect your successes ratio success ratio see when you go for hair transplant your transplanted hair is going to grow but the matter thing is how many of it will grow.
  •  so if it is less then the result will be down and the recipe the growing rate is high then the growth will be high the final result will be very very high.
  • So these are the reason that I can think of now and there are thousands more but there is only one simple rule which if u can follow your hair transplant result. your hair transplant success rate can go very high and this simple rule is the hair transplant surgeon your hair transplant surgeon should be highly qualified highly experienced and high skill full and with him his technical team this nursing staff should also be highly trained highly skill full and to make this happen to improvise our skills experience. we visited the world's hair transplant hub turkey and after learning so many new things we integrated those things into two of our skill experiences in our clinic.


  • So hair transplant is a combination of natural science and art and in RQC we bring it all together
  • Thank you  very much for watching this video keep watching our channel have a great day thank you                   



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