What are the different hair loss causes and how can they be treated


What are the different hair loss causes and how can they be treated?

Dr. Vivek Galani
( Hair transplant surgeon, Turkey)

What are the different hair loss causes and how can they be treated?

Hair loss can have many causes. For some cases a targeted therapy can help, others can be resolved with a little patience. The most severe ones can be treated through hair transplantation.

Loss of hair is problematic for many people. Do you also have baldness issues? Then it is important that you find the reasons behind those. This article lists the most common ones and will help you define yours.

Wrong or excessive use of hair care products

Hair loss causes can include wrong or excessive hair care. In that case, your hair will not fall out immediately. But washing your hair too frequently can leach them.

Moreover, regular blow-drying with temperatures that are too hot also damages the hair significantly. In the long run, the hair becomes less resilient and will fail prematurely.

However, the hair grows back naturally if you avoid bad hair care habits. So in those cases, no specific therapy is necessary.

The key here is to choose a hair shampoo containing natural ingredients that care for the hair and supports its growth.

Eating disorders as a hair loss cause

Eating disorders are a problem that can occur in all ages. Here the lack of nutrients can really damage your hair and hair roots. Although, in the beginning, the hair is often flabby and no longer resilient.

However, if the eating disorder continues, it gradually becomes a hair loss, which will continue to increase. Depending on the intensity of the nutrient deficiency, hair roots will also die.

Thus leaving the affected areas of your scalp permanently bald. Here only a hair transplant can help to cover this deficiency.


Unfortunately, chemotherapy is a major hair loss cause. Since this is a direct result of the therapy, a baldness treatment is not possible. Here doctors usually recommend using wigs or special headscarves until the hair starts to grow again.

Indeed once the cancer is defeated through therapy, the hair usually grows back. However, this may lead to uneven growth, for example, because a part of the hair roots is dead. Only in that case will hair transplantation be useful.

Causes for hair loss : autoimmune disease

When looking for hair loss causes, the type of baldness issue also plays an important role. If the hair falls very quickly and suddenly, it can be a sign of an autoimmune disease.

The immune system of the body is incorrectly polarized and attacks its own cells. The resulting circular hair loss is one of the visible traces.

Much worse is complete hair loss, which can also occur in autoimmune diseases. Here it is important to immediately seek a doctor’s advice in order to be extensively examined and treated.

Nevertheless, it is possible that a part of the hair or hair roots are so badly damaged that they do not regrow. In these cases, an FUE hair transplant surgery is the best solution to quickly recover your hair.


Stress is also one of the known hair loss causes. Because stress has a huge impact on the body’s hormone balance and can therefore influence hair growth enormously.

In addition, stress can damage the hair so much that the hair roots become affected. Leading in the long run to a baldness issue, that can be permanent in the worst cases.

When stress kills hair roots in certain areas, hair surgery is the only way to effectively resolve that.

Genetic hair loss

Unfortunately, there is no direct remedy here, since this hair loss cause is due to genes. This means that some of the hair roots die off and leave bald patches on your scalp.

In these cases, only a hair transplant surgery helps. In this procedure, grafts are implanted from the back of the head to the affected areas. Hair starts to grow naturally again a couple of months after the operation Making the hair loss easily and elegantly compensated.

The circular hair loss

Circular hair loss does luckily not have a lasting effect. Looking more closely at the points, the doctor can still recognize the hair roots and the hair lying there.

There are typical findings in circular hair loss, which is based exactly on these points.

Accordingly, no targeted treatment of hair loss is necessary here, since the hair will regrow naturally after a while.

Diffuse hair loss

Diffuse hair loss can have many causes, making it difficult to notice this issue. In short, the hair becomes thinner and will lead to baldness in the long term.

By transplanting from the less affected areas, the bald patches can be covered with new hair. In this situation an expert’s advice is essential. Mainly because the hair surgery has to be tailored to the patient’s issue.

In many cases, hair loss causes can be effectively treated

This article hair loss causes and thus the loss of hair must first be clarified so that treatment is possible. Some hair loss will come back by itself, such as hair loss after chemotherapy or even circular hair loss. In other cases, medical help can be useful and should be used in any case.

If the hair loss causes can not be analyzed in detail is due to genetics, surgery may be the best solution.

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