What Is Hair Transplant How Does It work Where does it work


What Is Hair Transplant? How Does It work? Where does it work?

Dr. Vivek Galani
( Hair Transplant Surgeon, Turkey )

Dr. Vivek Galani Is Going To known About what is hair transplant? How does it work? Where does it work?

Today we are going to know what is hair transplant?  How does it work? Where does it work? In which situation it will work so just keep watching this video it will take only 2 to 3 minutes and you will gain lots of knowledge.

  • Hi this is Dr. Vivek Galani founder and chief hair transplant surgeon at RQC hair transplant clinic In Surat (India) so today we are going to discuss what is hair transplant, how does it work, where does it work.

What Is DHT Hormone

  • But before that, we have to know what is male pattern baldness what is androgen tic alopecia, so it is a condition it is a slow and progressive condition the main reason behind baldness is DHT hormone which is also known as dihydrotestosterone hormone this hormone does is, it attach with your hair root its start damaging it so it is very slow and progressive text over the period of time your hairline will start regressing then the temple area will gate involve and the crown area will gate involve.
  • So once and the thing is the hormone will damage your hair root permanently so once your hair root is damaged the conservative approach want work, what is a conservative approach that means medications oil shampoo or laser treatment or PRP treatment, mesotherapy even stem cell therapy nothing will work unless there is a root, so when this DHT hormone start destroying to destroyed your hair permanently.

How Do You Know If  Your Hair Root Is Permanently Damaged Or Not

  • How do you know if your hair root is permanently damaged or not you can know this at your home you can feel the skin at the bald area if u can feel it is smooth and soft that means your roots are destroyed and damaged, so at that time at that place conservative approach want work only hair transplant is the permanent natural solution in that case.

what is a hair transplant?

  • So what is a hair transplant? Hair transplant is a process in which we take your hair roots from the donor area from the back of your head and we implant it in your recipient area in your bald patches, so it is a transplantation of hair from one place to another place.
  • How long does it take? it is a one-day procedure it takes an average of about 6 to 10 hours in which in the morning you have to come to the clinic, within 6 to 8 hours 10 hours we will complete the procedure and can leave, you don’t have to get admitted overnight or it is the one-day procedure and it doesn’t need to you don’t have to take too much rest, you can start your office work from the next day and the recovery is very fast with the latest technologies.

 How does it work?

  • Initially in the two months, which is known as shedding phase, so after hair transplant immediately within 2 months your hair will start shedding it will fall, so it will feel after 2 months it will feel like you didn’t have a hair transplant or you will doubting you will start doubting that I didn’t get results I don’t have hairs but, its start actually after 3 months, 2 months so with the beginning of 3 months you can say the growth face has started so with the period of time 3, 4, 5, 6 months it will start increasing in length, in density and within 6 to 8 months you can see good result of your hair transplant.

Where does it work?

  • So also they are so many questions about transplanted hair, like people usually asked this are not natural you cannot cut this hair you cannot use shampoo oil or what we do with our natural hairs, so this is wrong believe generally hair transplant is a procedure in which we use your natural hair, we take your natural hair from the back of your head and we put in the front, so we don’t use artificial hair or artificial thinks, so it is completely natural solution permanent solution so it means ones we are done with hair transplant ones you have results you can go to saloon you can cut your hair you can use oil you can use shampoo you can do whatever you were doing before you went bald you can do everything that you used to do once.
  • So I think I have discussed all the important points and the hair transplant is quite a large subject quite big thing to discuss, so obviously, you must have question more questions about hair transplant procedure.
  • so I would request you feel free to put your question in the comment box and I will try my best to provide you with the answer as soon as possible till then, take care, thank you very much.         

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