What Makes Someone A Good Candidate Hair Transplant


What Makes Someone A Good Candidate Hair Transplant?

Dr. Vivek Galani
(Hair Transplant Surgeon, Turkey)

What Makes Someone A Good Candidate Hair Transplant?

Hair loss falls on a spectrum from a full head of hair to totally or near-totally bald. There is an infinite number of individual degrees of hair loss in between those two extremes. The best candidate is one who is not totally bald and will likely not ever go totally bald. Hair loss can be very advanced, but a long-term adequate supply of donor's hair from the back needs to be available for actual and anticipated future hair loss.

Is There An Age Limit For Hair Transplantation?

Yes, 22 years old is the youngest patient we transplant at Dr. Galani Hair Transplant clinic. If the person is younger than 22, their pattern of hair loss may not yet be established. it becomes difficult to anticipate what will happen in the future before age 22. further, in someone who is 22 but already has an advanced loss, it becomes clear that the person will ultimately go on to lose all or nearly all their hair. in this situation, other options besides a hair transplant may be the better option. if we can start the person on Propecia and the hair loss can be stabilized, then a hair transplant might be considered. There is no upper limit for hair transplant as long as the person enjoys relatively good health.

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