Why Choose Hair Transplant FUE


Why Choose Hair Transplant FUE?

Dr.Vivek Galani
(Hair Transplant Surgeon, Turkey)

Why Choose Hair Transplant FUE?

* FUE doesn't involve cutting and stitching of the scalp whereas traditional hair transplant techniques mainly a linear strip of tissue from the scalp to removed and dissected.

* Only involves the harvesting of the desired grafts one by one, leaving other parts of the scalp completely intact, preventing scarring, and maintaining the appearance of the donor area.

* Allows restricted hair transplant

* FUE offers the ability to extract a restricted amount of grafts if you only need hair transplant in any localized area such as cheeks, beard, goatee, sideburns, or mustache or in areas where hair loss is minimal.

* In fact, this technique is commonly used to enhance eyelashes and eyebrows as well

* FUE has comparatively less downtime if you hate the idea of staying bed-ridden for a few weeks or can't afford to take a week off from work.

* Choosing the FUE hair transplant will allow you to resume your activities normally directly after hair transplant the operation.

* While it is possible to wear a hat to cover the treated scalp, it is advisable to avoid wearing wigs or any other hairpieces for several weeks following the surgery.

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