Women Hair Transplant Operation


Women Hair Transplant Operation

Dr.Vivek Galani
(Hair Transplant Surgeon, Turkey)

Women Hair Transplant Operation

Women hair transplant: mistakenly hair loss was thought to be a strictly male disease, but actually, women counted up to 40% of hair loss sufferers.

There is no difference between male hair transplant and women hair transplant in the procedure technique, (both performed with FUE follicular unit extraction method). But it is different in the causes of hair loss, so, Dr. Galani's Hair Transplant clinic suggests to the women who suffer from hair loss do an extra laboratory examination to identify hair loss's main reason.

Women Hair Transplant operation

Procedure performed by harvesting follicles from the donor area that is located behind the scalp and between the ears and then separation of those follicles carefully to keep follicle root intact. Then the surgeon will re-implanted that harvested follicle in the baldness area in the scalp

Best women candidate for women hair transplant

* Had suffered from hair loss due to high usage of hair dyes.
* Who had suffered from hair loss due to high usage of hair cosmetics material.
* Had suffered from baldness due to scars or burns
* Suffered from hair loss due to alopecia areata
* Suffered from male hair loss pattern
* Who had enough hair density in the donor area.

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